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The archipelago of 83 islands, just a couple of hours flight time from Australia, is well-renowned for its diversity of kava strains. It's also the only country from which instant kava is produced from green kava juice.


As a major tourist destination for Australians, most of these visitors to this friendly nation have got to try the local kava. The most well-known of these is the Waka Kava strain - bold and bitter but also a very strong body relaxant.


Of all the kava imported into Australia, the Tongan Kava constitutes the greatest tonnage imported. Until recently, the majority of the Tongan kava was of inferior quality. Now you can buy premium quality kava imported from there.

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Some Kava Facts for You

With the permission of the respective Authors, below are the introductions to a couple of interesting and useful articles. Please enjoy!

Here, we are going to explain a couple of things – what Kava is and just as importantly, what kava isn’t!

Grown from a plant (Piper Methysticum) in the Pacific Islands and in particular, Tonga, Vanuatu and Fiji, kava is totally, 100% organic. This is because no fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides are needed or used in growing it. Moreover, just as importantly, it’s only the roots that are used for the production of kava that’s suitable for drinking.


One of the key issues is the use of noble kava varieties versus the non-noble ones. It’s a fact that inferior non-noble kava (known as TuDei Kava) can be imported. Tudei kava is not safe to drink. So, it’s called “TuDei” (Two-Day) kava because whilst the initial effects are pleasant, they invariably cause the user to be sick for a day or two after drinking it. Therefore, be aware of any “cheap” kava offerings because chances are is that it is TuDei.


Kava root is the part used for drinks and powder. Also, in some cultures, they use the whole root. However, in other cultures like Fiji, different parts of the root have different purposes.

For instance, the Waka is the lateral root  As such, it extends from the Lewena and sits underground. Waka roots have a much higher kavalactone content. As a result, Waka Kava is more potent, and has a bitter taste.

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Here we explore kava recipes from around the world. WHY?

Well, one reason is that we want as many people as possible to enjoy the benefits that come with drinking kava. Understandably, some folks don’t like the taste of kava on its own and prepared in the traditional manner. Sure, we accept the fact that for many it’s an acquired taste.

There is also a growing trend of people seeking alternatives to alcohol and psychoactive drugs such as marijuana. As such, there are a host of reasons for them doing so however, that’s a discussion for another time or place (though you might find this article interesting).

Either way, these kava recipes are designed to open up a whole new world for you when it comes to relaxation.

Finally, two elements that are absolutely vital to being able to enjoy our kava recipes:

As many of the recipes entail using instant kava, make sure that you only use TRUE instant kava. That is, instant kava made from green kava juice and not just micronised root powder.

Also, always use the best kava available. Noble variety kava strains should always be used. Melo Melo, Kelai and Waka are good examples of the “right” kava strains.

Before we get started, you will see that that, at the bottom of this page, we have a series of kava recipes for kava smoothies. These kava drinks are great for all occasions, especially when socialising with friends.

Anyway, here we go. Time for you to become a Kavarista in your own right. Let’s start with one of my personal favourites…..

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